What are the benefits of Adapt?

Customizing Exams: Adapt gives you the opportunity to choose the difficulty you want on an exam, this way you take exams at your level so you don’t have to take really easy or really difficult ones.

Creating a Quiz: This feature allows you to select a specific topic or section to take a quiz on! Earned Level (EL): The goal of earned level is to provide you with questions at your current level of understanding of the material. Your EL starts off at a 3 and we recommend students getting to a 7 before their exam since 90% of students pass at that level.

Formula Sheets: each exam has its own sheet with core formulas

Coach Recommendation: These personalized tips are what our actuaries recommend you work on in order to achieve your exam goals and pass.

Study Schedule: The individualized scheduler will help you set up a program for what topics you study on certain days, when you start practice exams, etc. It’s helpful if you allow time closer to your exam where you take practice exams under exam conditions.

Discussion Forums: You can post a question about a specific exam problem and get an answer from one of our actuaries, authors, and sometimes other students. The forums are monitored regularly and response time during business hours is quick.

Recent News: Stay up to date with new sales, products, blog posts and more!