When do I need to contact [email protected]?

Please contact CA for help with the following:

  • Activating a Pass Guarantee - Include documentation showing you have not passed the exam.
  • Changing my email address - Specify your current and new email addresses.
  • Pausing/Suspending a subscription - Users may pause a subscription one time.
  • Resetting Adapt Quizzes and Earned Level - An Adapt reset is FINAL and cannot be undone. There are two types of Adapt resets:
    1. Option 1 - Reset EL and KEEP past Adapt exams, quizzes, and question history
    2. Option 2 - Reset EL and CLEAR all Adapt past exams, quizzes, and question history.
  • Upgrading my subscription - Most active subscriptions can be upgraded one time to a longer subscription length and/or to include more study materials.