Pass Guarantee

All 180-day subscriptions come with ONE Pass Guarantee, while all 360-day subscriptions come with unlimited Pass Guarantees. Subscriptions less than 180 days do not have a Pass Guarantee.

If you purchase a subscription that includes at least one Pass Guarantee, but sit for the exam and do not pass, we will extend your subscription by the length originally purchased. For example, if you purchase a 180-day Learn P subscription, but sit for Exam P and do not pass, we will extend your subscription by 180 days for free one time. If you purchase a 360-day subscription, we will extend in increments of 360 days until you take and pass the exam.

In order to apply the Pass Guarantee, we require simple confirmation that you have not yet passed your exam (you can still receive the free extension even if you have not yet taken the exam - see item #1 below). Please contact us at support@coachingactuaries.com with one of the following to activate your Pass Guarantee:

  1. Forward us your confirmation from the SOA that you have registered for another sitting of the exam.

  2. For exams with instant preliminary results, send a copy of your preliminary pass/fail analysis to us (either a scan or a photo will work).

  3. If results have been released, forward us a screenshot of your transcript page from SOA.org or casact.org, showing you failed your most recent attempt.

As soon as we receive this confirmation, we will extend the expiration date of your subscription. If your exam does not provide a preliminary pass/fail analysis after your sitting and if registration for your next planned attempt has not been opened yet by the SOA/CAS (such as for LTAM and MAS-I), contact us and we will make other arrangements to make sure you do not lose any study time.

All VEE subscriptions come with ONE Pass Guarantee. By the end of the course, if you don't earn the minimum grade (B) to get SOA/CAS credit, we will extend your subscription by 120 days for free one time and reset your progress.