Student Discount Policies

You must provide proof of enrollment at checkout before you complete your purchase. Students who are enrolled in an accredited college or university or how have been enrolled within the last 18 months may receive student discounts on select products.

How To Get The Discount:

When you go to an exam page on our website and scroll down to the pricing area, click on “Yes” next to the question, “Currently a Student?” You will then see the prices below updated to reflect the student discount. Choose the subscription and product option you want, then proceed to checkout.At checkout, upload a document or image verifying your enrollment with your full name and an enrollment date clearly visible. See below for valid documents.

Enrollment Verification Document

Before you purchase you must verify your enrollment in a qualified institution with your full name clearly visible. Acceptable documents include:

  1. A copy of your official student schedule with the date clearly visible

  2. An official letter or correspondence from the academic institution signed by an employee or professor indicating your enrollment

  3. A student ID card with a date that indicates current enrollment and your name

If the document fails to verify your enrollment, we will suspend your account and contact you for another proof of verification. If you are unable to verify your enrollment, we will charge you the difference for the full priced product