Why are my subscriptions not showing up?

If you log into your Coaching Actuaries account and are not able to access any products, usually is one of these reasons:
Your subscription has expired (most common). Check "Expired Subscriptions" for when your subscriptions ended.
You've logged in with the wrong e-mail address.
Your account or subscription has been suspended.
​Reasons for Subscription Suspension

If you believe your account has been suspended, please contact support@coachingactuaries.com to resolve the issue.

In order to protect our users and uphold our policies, we may suspend your account without notice. There are a number of reasons we may suspend account, including:

  1. An incorrect e-mail address. This can happen if you mistyped your e-mail when purchasing a product. All accounts require an active e-mail address. We will suspend any accounts where e-mails bounce back. Simply contact us to get your e-mail changed and your account reactivated.
  2. Inability to Prove Student Enrollment. We now require students to prove their student enrollment. If you are unable to verify your student enrollment or do not verify it within the prescribed time allotted, your account will be suspended. You can send us a copy of your student schedule at support@coachingactuaries.com. If you received a student discount in error, let us know and we will let you pay the difference to receive the normal priced product.
  3. Payment Due. If your payment bounces or if you otherwise owe on your account past the prescribed deadline, your account will be suspended until payment is made in whole.
  4. Sharing of an Account. Accounts are for a single user. If you are found to be sharing an account, your account will be suspended without refund.
  5. Abuse of our System. We suspend any account that demonstrates suspicious activity.