Why am I seeing repeat questions in Adapt?

Adapt's question bank is large, but not infinite, so after enough practice exams, you may begin to see some questions repeated. Adapt dynamically creates your exams from a large bank of questions based on factors like your earned level, question difficulties, and the exam's topic distribution. If you are stuck at or near the same Earned Level for numerous exams, your probability of seeing repeated questions will increase. You might consider checking your Section Reports to identify specific topics to review and take focused quizzes on before attempting another full Adapt exam.

Adapt's exam engine does have parameters that minimize the appearance of questions you have answered from reappearing again for the next few exams, so the chances you will see answered questions repeated on consecutive exams are very low. Thus, we always recommend students to practice under exam-like situations; if you leave any questions unanswered, Adapt will continue to treat those questions as new questions.