What should I do a few days before the exam?

Starting a few nights prior to your exam: cut out sugary drinks and start eating nutritious brain foods such as eggs, peanut butter, vegetables and fruit.

Double check that you have an extra calculators and that both are approved! Eliminating all other stress is best so make note of where your testing center is and do a drive-by so you understand the parking lot and directions. Even be sure to check your gas tank and make sure you know where your ID is!

A few days before the exam, focus on the concepts you don’t fully comprehend yet and split your time between practice problems and relaxing a bit.

Make sure that you are accustomed to the types of questions the SOA will ask and that you feel confident with any question you may face.

Knowing all the formulas necessary for the exam is very important. Don’t refer to formula sheets when you are using Adapt the last few days before the exam.

Do the full exam under exam conditions, with your approved calculator, a time limit and no formula sheet. This is to make sure that you are comfortable with the real exam.

Try to have your earned level on Adapt up to a 7 within a few days of the exam as 90% of students at a level 7 pass their exam.

The day before, envision the exam and have confidence. We suggest going to bed a couple hours earlier than usual so you get a good night’s sleep. When you wake up, eat a light, healthy breakfast.

Don’t cram anymore material once you get into the exam hall. If you don’t know the material by then, you probably wont and you’ll just make yourself more nervous or confuse yourself with material you do know.

​The morning of the test: see yourself being successful; it really will make a difference!