What is an "Earned Level"™?

An Earned Level (EL) is adjusted based on the score that is earned on Adapt practice exams. Thresholds are defined for each SOA/CAS exam. If your score is less than the lower threshold, then the EL will be reduced. If your score is above the higher threshold, then the EL will be increased. Scores between the low and high thresholds will not change the EL. Except for MAS-I, the high and low thresholds are 70% and 50%, respectively. For MAS-I, the thresholds are 60% and 40%. Note that the MAS-I thresholds represent the penalized score after taking into account the guessing adjustment.

There are two things that could disqualify an Adapt exam from counting towards your EL. First, Adapt will not count an exam toward your EL if more than 25% of the questions on the exam have been left unanswered. Second, Adapt's quizzes and custom exams cannot count toward your EL.